10402404_10206046604583806_7029987568309415666_nI’m a third year grad student at the Linguistics Department of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. My main research interests are in psycholinguistics and semantics/pragmatics, mostly related to discourse phenomena. Specific topics I am currently working on or am interested in are presuppositions, anaphora, additive particles, discourse particles, coherence relations, clause types, adverbials and prosody. I also started working on the processing of (Non) At-Issueness with Lyn Frazier, Brian Dillon and Chuck Clifton. (The interested reader can find brief reviews and materials in the Research section – or just send me an email.)

I received both my BA and MA degree in German Linguistics from the University of Tübingen (website only in German) under the supervision of Britta Stolterfoht (again only German). I also worked as a research assistant under her for the research project B8 of the Collaborative Research Center 833, investigating the correlation between position and interpretation of adverbials using experimental methods.

You can find some more personal information in the About Me section.

My CV is linked here.

(last update: June 2017)