About Me

940966_10206046602503754_7978006125059450795_nI am originally from Wiesbaden, Germany. The beaauuutiful panorama picture you see below is of my small hometown Frauenstein during the cherry blossom season, and as you can tell, we are into wine, too. My full name is actually Alexander Göbel, but I prefer Alex, and in case your keyboard doesn’t have the umlaut, Goebel is fine. As for pronounciation, the vowel is probably closest to the one in ‘word’, just try to imagine it without the ‘r’ part. (In IPA: [gøːbl̩])

When I’m not doing linguistics – which seems to be the case less and less – I enjoy outdoorsy stuff, soccer matches and analyses, and your default interest in music, movies and books.cropped-20150420_1931271.jpg