Presentations and Publications

Göbel, A. (2017). Evidentiality and Undirected Questions: A New Account of the German Discourse Particle wohl. Talk at Penn Linguistics Conference 41, March 2017. [handout]

Göbel, A. (2017). On Processing Anaphoric Presuppositions. Talk at UPenn Experimental Lab Meeting, March 2017. [slides]

Göbel, A. (2016). Dividing Additives: On too, also and German auch. Talk at SNEWS 2016 @ Brown University, November 2016. [handout]

Göbel, A. (2016). On Evidentiality and Undirected Questions: Some Puzzles of the German Discourse Particle wohl. Talk at the UConn Meaning Group, November 2016. [handout]

Göbel, A. (2016).  Ambige Adverbialsätze an der Syntax-Semantik Schnittstelle: Eine psycholinguistische Fallstudie zu ‘Als ob’. [slides (only in German)] (‘Ambiguous adverbial-clauses at the syntax-semantics-interface: A psycholinguistic case study on als ob (‘as if’)’) Talk at the Workshop “Position and Interpretation: Syntax, Semantics and Information-Structure of Adverbial Modifiers”, June 2016.