My research interests are centered around discourse and phenomena that involve some form of contextual specification, for example anaphora resolution or presupposition accommodation. I take these phenomena to be located at the interface of what a formal semantic analysis can tell us about the respective felicity-conditions and how we use non-linguistic information to satisfy these conditions. More generally, I am interested in how we represent information in a discourse and how it is retrieved from memory when needed.

Below you can find a list of projects I currently am or have been working on (ordered somewhat chronologically), including collaborators. Each project is linked to a small description with relevant materials if existent:

Obviation in Ojibwe & Demonstrative Pronouns in German – collaborative work with Chris Hammerly

Presupposition Accommodation (in prep)

Pronouns & At-Issueness

Implicit Causality & Perspective – collaborative work with Brian Dillon and Isabelle Charnavel

On the German Discourse Particle ‘wohl’

Processing Anaphoric Presupposition Triggers

Contrasting Additive Particles 

Hypothetical Comparison Clauses in German