My research interests are centered around discourse and phenomena that make some reference to a shared context, for example anaphora resolution or presupposition accommodation. I take these phenomena to be located at the interface of what a formal semantic analysis can tell us about the respective truth- or felicity-conditions and how we use non-linguistic information to satisfy these conditions. More generally, I am interested in how we represent and retrieve information in a discourse and build its structure.

A recurring theme in my work concerns the connection between research traditions that have been pursued separately but might inform each other, for example the research on discourse particles in European languages like German and evidential markers in Native American languages like Cheyenne, or the connection between perspectival phenomena and implicit causality (the latter in collaboration with Isabelle Charnavel and Brian Dillon).

Below you can find a list of projects I currently am or have been working on (ordered somewhat chronologically), including collaborators. Each project is linked to a small description with relevant materials and presentations, if existent: